The Intersection Coworking Space Update

The Nanaimo Design Nerds organization is at a decision point regarding the Intersection project. We have found there to be considerable interest in the coworking experience, to date, but we have not received sufficient commitment from subscribers to proceed with the project. Simply put, there isn’t enough money committed to pay the real and significant cost of starting and operating this business. We are supportive as ever of the coworking model and would love to see this project through. However, the Nanaimo Design Nerds have limited capacity and many great opportunities. Intersection can no longer be one of them. We thank you for your support to date and welcome you to visit us at Design Lab to check in to the latest Nanaimo Design Nerd Projects. Nerd ON!

Nerds Welcome Erin + Erin to Design Lab!

We are thrilled to welcome Erin Shuttleworth and Erin Heeney to co-work with us in our DESIGN LAB, as we secure the space to continue working with local organizations and clients. Come on by and say HELLO! A12 Victoria crescent > between DNBIA and the Thirsty Camel.

Erin Shuttleworth: is a Digital Media Artist who specializes in graphic novels and Flash animation. Her work attempts to bridge a world of childlike fantasy with the anxieties of an adult, through the use of horrific elements in tandem with fantastical environments and scenarios.

Erin Heeney